Payment Terms

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1.  Service providerCOUBUS OÜ, Registration No.: 14419079, registered in the Republic of Estonia, the company provides Service on website
1.2. Client – a physical or legal person, using the Service provider’s services.
1.3. Payment System – a system used to pay or settle financial transactions, the issuer of bank cards.
1.4. Bank Card – a debit or credit card emitted by a credit company, which is an instrument for non-cash payments, and is used by a Client for carrying out operations with funds, in the Client’s bank account.
1.5. Cryptocurrency wallet – A crypto wallet is software or hardware that enables users to store and use cryptocurrency.
1.6. Internet – a world-wide system of voluntarily interconnected computer networks, which is based on the use of the Internet Protocol and the routing of data packages.
1.7. Payer – the holder of a Bank Card and a Client, who initiates the delivery of the money transfer order via the Internet to the bank for the purpose of paying for the Services by an Online Payment to the benefit of the Service Provider.
1.8. Online Payment – a payment made by the Payer (Client) via the Internet as remuneration for the Services.
1.9. Service – the activity of receiving, processing, transmitting, delivering signs, signals, written text, sounds through the Internet and Services provider’s infrastructure.
1.10. Website – a set of information resources and management tools placed on the Internet at
1.11. Free Access – Free of charge access to Services with limited functionality. Please see for more detailed information.
1.12. Premium Access – Paid access to Services with full functionality. Please see for more detailed information.
1.13. Private Key – A unique combination of symbols which is provided to the Client after purchase of Premium Access, granting Client a Premium Access. (!!!) The Private Key becomes valid from the moment of its purchase.

2. The Subject of the Payment Terms Agreement

2.1. The subject of the present agreement is the provision to the Client of the possibility of using the Website for paying for the Services provided by the Service Provider.

3. The Description of Payment Procedure for the Services via Online Payments

3.1. To purchase Premium Access, please go to, select Premium Access, Buy Access, select access term and follow the payment instructions.
3.2. You will be redirected to a secure interface, where you need to confirm the selected payment method and fill in your card details or make a cryptocurrency transfer.
3.3. The Payment is considered to be made when the confirmation of the successful completion of the payment procedure from the selected Payment System is received.
3.4. Making a payment to the benefit of the Service Provider is understood as the transfer of the Client’s payment directly to the Service Provider, after which the Service Provider provide a Private Key to the Client, by e-mail or/and online.
3.5. After the Payment is made, the Private Key will be activated in up to 5 minutes.
Attention! Successfully completed transactions are irreversible! It is not possible to cancel a confirmed payment and to claim for refund.

4. Restrictions

4.1. The Payer must use only that Bank Card, which was issued by the bank in his/her name and for him/her personally. The Payer is aware of the legal consequences of using third-party cards.
4.2. The Payer must us only his/her own Cryptocurrency wallet when making Online payment.

5. Miscellaneous Provisions

5.1. The collection and processing of the client’s confidential data (bank card details, personal data, etc.) received in an encrypted way are performed by the Payment System.
5.2. VAT will be charged if applicable.
5.3. Regardless of the main currency of your VISA/MasterCard, the amount will be charged in EUR, at the rate of the issuing bank of the Payer’s card.
5.4. Cryptocurrency payments will be made according the current cryptocurrency exchange rate in EUR.
5.5. The Clients shall be notified about the cancellation or alteration of the present terms and conditions via the Web Site. The terms and conditions shall be deemed altered as of the date and the time specified in the notification.
5.6. The Service Provider is not liable to the Payer (Client) for any delays and interruptions in the work of technical platforms and telecommunication networks, which are not Service provider’s infrastructure.
5.7. The Payer is responsible for any actions of third parties committed on behalf of the Payer by using the Payer’s Bank Card or Cryptocurrency wallet when making Online payment.
5.8. The Payer guarantees that he/she understands and accepts all the provisions of this agreement unconditionally and in full extent.